The 3rd Dimension at Light's Speed
Laser Processing Head RLSK

While at first glance it might look like just another auxiliary gadget for busy robots, a closer look and full evaluation will show that this device is nothing less than the smart way to increase the utilization rate for your welding robots and thus cut costs.

Because unlike standard lasers using just a two-dimensional laser focus, the HIGHYAG remote head opens the door to the third dimension. Here, the laser beam is no longer guided horizontally across the workpiece only, but also allows vertical focusing at the predefined level.

A particularly valuable advance is that the HIGHYAG Remote Laser Processing Head will guarantee focus diameter constancy through any adjustment of the Z-axis focus.

The new mobility of the laser focus permits the HIGHYAG remote laser welding process to be guided along straighter robot works paths. Meaning, the manufacturing time per workpiece will be shortened, and welding robots will average a better degree of utilization—and that is a rationalization effect visible even at first glance.
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