RLSK Studio
Easy Process Set-up

RLSK Screen A

RLSK Screen B

The RLSK Studio software enables the user to make use of the capability of remote laser processing with the RLSK, and to set up the entire process the easy way.

The precise positioning of the focus and the  process features can easily be visualized using RLSK Studio.

The graphical user interface of RLSK Studio further assists in synchronizing the focus movement of the RLSK with the path of a coupled handling machine such as a robot.

Main Features of RLSK Studio:
  • Downloading and uploading of work pieces or component data
  • Editing process sequences
  • Editing the process features such as seam shapes, welding speed, laser power, laser power ramping, defocusing etc.
  • Visualizing and optimizing the laser-on time
  • Editing synchronization triggers and the handling machine track
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